Half Installation?

While I Was Downloading The Game Digitally On Xbox, I Was Looking At The In Game Download List. I Was Choosing Priorities So Only The Campaigns Download, And When I Pressed Accept, It Loaded Nothing And The Wheel Just Kept Spinning. I Went Back To The Xbox Queue, And It Said It Was Done, However, When I Pressed The Game It Said It Must Be Downloaded Or Say “Ready To Start”. I Uninstalled The “Completed” MCC And I Went To The Microsoft Store To Try And Redownload It. When I Tried It Seemed To Only Download Reach And ODST (The DLC), Because It Took Only A Few Seconds. I Went Into The Manage Games Screen And Tried From There. Still No Response. I Think There May Be Some Files Saying That The Download Is Done (The Two Completed Games Maybe) And Some That Say It Isnt Complete (The Rest Of The Undownloaded Games). Any Advice?

Hello HamoPotato,

Make sure when you go to manage game and add-ons for the MCC that Halo: MCC is in the installed section. If it isn’t, it should be in the Ready to Install section. If they all say they are installed, then simply uninstall ODST, Reach and then the MCC. After, do a hard restart by holding the power button down on the front of your console until the Xbox turns off. Then remove the power supply from your Xbox for about 3 mins before plugging it back in. This will clear your Xboxs Cahce. Wait about 1 min before turning your Xbox back on. After, simply try redownloadong the MCC first, and then the DLC’s after.

Hope this helps!

It Seems To Be Working Now! Thank You So Much! You Have Now Idea How Much This Means To Me!