Halcyon: A Huge Snow Themed Forge Map


This isn’t a new idea, but I would really like in a DLC map pack for there to be a snow forge map that is huge. 343i, you could make your first DLC map pack or your last a huge success with this idea. People have been begging for a snow forge map for a while now, give them what they want.


It could take on three forms.

1.) A huge flat environment giving us just a canvas. Could be a plateau that drops off on four sides, or be naturally walled in. Size matters, and this would address people’s worries over being limited in the other forge environments. No pre-made structures. High sky limit too, this is important as well.

2.) On a mountainside, have a huge space high up in mountains or in between mountains with beautiful vistas to look down on. Very isolated and surreal, maybe even on a Halo ring using iconic imagery.

3.) A Forge World esque map. Very different land features all over. Icy rivers, deep chasms, icy caves, cliffs. Some rivers could be water and some frozen over. This diversity would make people feel at home since they are used to forge world.

What do you think of these landscapes? Any other ideas?

Forge Pieces

I would also like to see forge pieces made entirely out of ice. Some ice pieces you could see through, others are too thick. I would like to see forge pieces made entirely out of compacted snow, such as embankments. Finally I would like to see normal forge pieces frozen over. Jagged rocks and various rock forms would be appreciated as well.

Do you like these forge pieces? Any other ideas? What are some new forge pieces you would like to see specifically?


All vehicles would be snow themed. Covenant vehicles could just be frozen somewhat and have ice over them or snow. USNC vehicles would have artic camo.

Yay, nay?

Map Name

Names for the map? Here’s a short list I came up with:


Can you think of others? I like halcyon the best.


What do you think of this idea? Can you think of anything else that would add to it? I for one would love to see this happen, make your voice heard! If I was a map designer at 343i, I would be pushing for this to happen.


It’s nice, I would love this map if the skybox was grey and stormy…and…Mammoth.

YES!!! This is the ecacg map I’ve been wanting!! And you said the name I came up with blizzard!! I also came up with
Ice over

And yeah thas all I got but also the hogs, mongooses, scorpion and mantis need the snow camo like in H3 on avalanche!! It was so fresh and nice to see and it just fitted into the map so well, felt like they belonged instead of green :confused:

You’ve got my support. This should’ve been in in the first place.

> It’s nice, I would love this map if the skybox was grey and stormy…and…Mammoth.

I was thinking more of a crystal clear skybox but stormy could work too. Oh yes the Mammoth could make its debut here as well good thinking.

YES!Agree 100%

What they need to do is give us a huge forge world bigger than reach but with skyrim landscape. To the north would be the map you speak of. In the middle have green rolling hills and to the south have the islands. You could do more but you get my point. We also need to control time of day.

Absolutely in favor of a snow based map. Great ideas OP!