Hal MCC won't instal at all

I resently bought Halo Mcc and when i tried yto install it, it got to about 18% and said it was ready to start when i opened it wouldnt update and now it just sits on qued and when itry to start it again it isinstalling for a split second then returns to qued the about 10 minutes later it says it has stoped installing and thst there was aproblem

my network is fine

any help would be great

cheers BakedPirate02

Hold down the power button on your Xbox One until it shuts off. Unplug it from power for 30 seconds and then plug it back in. Turn your Xbox back on, and try again. I had the same problem, doing this fixed it. Good luck.

Leaving it of all night and dayappears to have worked so far cheers