Haha 343 what a joke.

Yeah i post about why i dont like your company, explaining how i have been shown constant disrespect by your employees and company, explaining how you constantly ignore and lie to your community. What is your response? lock my thread. Lol how about instead of running, you give some answers. I think this community deserves it.

It must be nice to live in your own little world…

You were showing incredible hostility and disrespect in your last post, which was locked by a mod, not 343. Incidentally, I imagine that same mod will be locking this one as well.

I don’t exactly see what this thread is discussing so I’m going to lock it. Criticism is welcome as long as it’s constructive.

I locked your thread because you were being incredibly disrespectful and basically because of how you set up voicing your opinion. If you want to discuss something on the forums go right ahead, but do it respectfully.

Lol how so? I posted 3 or 4 things alredy with links, screenshots and all kinds of stuff just to have 343 delete 3 of them alredy and edit and lock my 4th one to look completely different that my OP. Shady -Yoink- and i tired of it. Like WTF am i not entitled to an opinion? Am i not supposed to be mad when i feel like i have been massivley disrespected as a customer? And yeah if you didnt want it so disrepectful, why did you edit my post to make it seem way worse? I would be deeply appreciative if you would refrain from speaking., this is shady as hell.

Constructive criticism is appreciated, it’s when you turn it into personal attacks that your thread will be locked. Keep it Clean!