Had a run of awful games

I’ve repeatedly matched up with

-DMR users
who are
-Better than me
and who get
-Better random ordnance/initial ordnance than me

I mean honestly. Dominion, the other team are blatantly better than me, and I keep getting DMR’s and Frags in the resupply when they get rockets EVERY RESUPPLY.

4 kills, nine deaths.

-Yoink- off.

I have some days like those. I had one yesterday. I felt like a seven year old girl trying to aim the joysticks.

I went 12-18 on Ragnarok and gave up for the day.

Man, it happens.

Sometimes, I cannot even find anyone to kill…

When I am on the left, the other team and the rest of my team are on the right.

Then I get shot with a sniper…