Hacking and reporting

343i needs to implement a reporting system that does not only report the player but sends more info…

When you report a player that is hacking that anticheat does not catch. This are info that get sent when reporting a player:

  • Xbox gamertag
  • Microsoft Mail
  • Steam ID
  • stats of everything about the suspect like how many bullets hits vs misses etc.
  • recording of the match getting sent
    -If both teams report the player for hacking. The player get automaticly kicked from the match and are under investigation mode there the suspect cannot join a new match until investigation are done and found guilty or not.

I think this should help alot to stop hacking


Yeah, a reporting system is desperately needed, not just for hacking but for toxicity & unsporting behavior such as being AFK the entire game or leaving at the start.


Sadly reporting for hacking does very little for a free to play game. They can ban the account but that person can just make a new one.

What they need is a kernel-level anti-cheat system. Halo will use EasyAntiCheat but as we’ve seen on Apex, Battlefield, and Halo: MCC that system just doesn’t work at all. They also need to find away to combat modded controllers as those will become the main form of cheating and works on both console and PC.

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Is there hackers already?

I’ve seen a few clips of aim botters and wall hackers although I haven’t seen any in game myself. (that I know of) I’ve seen a lot of controller mods though. Strafe shotting/crouch shotting. It’s really irritating though that we had so many quality of life features in MCC that just didn’t get carried over. I can’t believe there is no in game reporting.


Microsoft could change this …
If they forcing people to put their phone nr on their Microsoft account there you also have to verify its you.
If you try to make a new Microsoft account, that one will automaticly get black listed as a hacker account and wont let you play any xbox games.

I think this could be a step up to reduce the amount of hackers