Hackers using “wallhax” website - look that up. Thanks for crossplay 343

I’m an onyx just to give you some color. Yes, hackers are now in halo infinite. Thanks to 343 for forcing crossplay. Hackers were PC players with controllers, all of them. I’m not playing this game anymore and it sucks because I love halo.


If you are a true halo fan please please don’t spend a dime in the store so 343 has an incentive to fix everything,…including not being able to play against your own platform.

It really feels that 343 (or whoever is making those decisions) - that they want to draw us away from the game we loved for 20 f…….years (despite 343). I’m honestly extremely disappointed. I’m out.


Add an “h”



Played couple of games last night, both of which had hackers, so I thought I’d play mcc, only to end up with 1 match being spawn killed, and other where other team just nailed everybody instead of completing king of the hill, so I just gave up completely yesterday.

Hopefully today is a better day :-/


Damn, that sucks. If things carry on like this they’re gonna push me back to destiny 2


What exactly were they doing? I noticed today that hit detection was wonky and I was landing hits I shouldn’t have and so was the other team.

Also they might just be sweats since people can just play casually anymore.


Is that sarcasm? Because Destiny 2’s crossplay in MP is arguably worse.

No, but I want to play all the new pve stuff that’s come out in the last year

don’t be shy, drop their gamertags.


I’ve been pretty defensive amount the number of hackers being massively exaggerated but I’m starting to get concerned.

I’m pretty decent at the game but I got massacred in every gunfight last night in a few ranked games. It felt pretty suspect at the time. I’ll have to check the theatre after work. Probably just me having an off day though.

Edit: Yup they were just better than me on this occassion.


There’s cheaters in every game online nowadays. Can’t be avoided.

kind of funny the latest Youtube footage of a HACKER is 3 weeks old…

you said, hacking is using a controller on a computer?

What about using a $150 elite xbox one controller? are bumpers hacking?

i dont know but i’m not sure Computer players do hack

-but one thing we know is that MICrOSOFT is hunting hackers - always. tirelessly. like a parasite who hates hackers.
-will debug their gates
-and not buying things,
which they aren’t trying to sell people whom don’t want them
isn’t going to incentive them to do something they know they have to fix.

  • after Christmas they’ll fix whatever they feel like.

Thats why i stopped playing ranked match.

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Merry Christmas 343, is in order.

we can handle.

Im not a moderator but dropping gamertags is against Waypoint policies. back in 2016, I was warned about it when they stopped monitoring backwards compatible Halo Reach (not MCC). I tried to report players for harassment, cheating, etc and had my post redacted. I still have video of blantant cheating and was not allowed to post it so I posted it on TrueAchievements. One had no gamer tag w/ MOD as his call sign with a 200:2 K/D, another had a 99:6 K/D. The one with no GT would hold the bomb, the other one would speed run or jump all the way across the arena; even got video of him jumping so high he got hung up in the ceiling for a bit.

The crazy thing is you get penalized for leaving early when dealing with these a-holes. These companies do not care about cheaters unless it makes them look bad.

Did you ask them what they were using?

This is pretty specific (and in a way advertisement for exploits).


The most obvious proof that this guy was using a wall hack… he was able to track me through a wall and headshot me the moment i walk into the doorway…

He shouldn’t have even known i was there, let alone shoot at the exact moment i break cover, since he never even saw me prior to that.


How long ago did this occur? You’re legitimately the first person I’ve seen who’s posted a video of actual wall hacks/any exploit being used against a player who participates on these forums.

Big props man, good stuff


Couple of days ago, last weekend or so.

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That’s pretty cut and dry evidence honestly, have you submitted it to the support team?

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