Hacker using Aimbot on Halo 4

Link to hacker This is the video proof of said hacker shooting me around a corner clearly looking away from me. This was the most significant proof of him using it. I do not wish to play a game with hackers and cheaters. Can someone from 343 please respond to this?

If you suspect someone is hacking, file a complaint against the user. It is us to the Xbox LIVE Enforcement Team to ban them.

Looking at the film you linked, seems like a classic case of lag. On the other guys screen, you were standing where he was shooting - the game tried to accommodate and the end result on your screen was you dying, with the dude shooting to the right of you.

I was behind a solid object… also no lag.

Acnologia MASH, I can already tell you no one from 343 will post in this forum and second this company clearly doesn’t care about hackers (if there are any) because they provide no way to report them and make it a banable offense for using their gamertags in this forum. They just send you to Xbox to report the issue and we all know what happens past that.

My suggestion would be to let it go move past it, because in all honesty nothing is going to happen and your just wasting your energy and most likely the person wasn’t hacking, the were probably lagging.

I still don’t see how this person is hacking, Moa had it right. Just seems like a bit of lag on your part or he had host. Either way, if you still feel like the player was hacking then feel free to avoid them and report.

Eventually Microsoft will make a decision.

I managed to delete my youtube account after trying to unlink my google+ account so I don’t have the video of me facing and beating a hacker in Halo 3, or (naded, the pro) anymore :frowning:

Anyway, I will provide you with a link to a random youtube video:


Most hackers will look like in the youtube video above.

Some people will try to hide their “hacking”, by only using their aimbot and nothing else, but they are not really that common. The only way to check if they are actually aimbotting is to know how the top players play and compare the guy to them, or go into theater to check if they actually scopes (listen to the scope-in sound) with their sniper rifle or battle rifle.

While aimbotters do tend to shoot you while they look another way that can also be caused by lagg, so check in theater first (Or ask the very best MLG PRO player you know).

Here is a video of a guy using only an aimbot hack and nothing else.

For example in the video you hear no scope sound ever, and he’s snipers skills are that impressive he would beat 15 pro players alone.