Hacker caught in the act! Proof within post

Proof was uploaded to file share!

To watch the video, Go the Theater, then click you RS in, go to File Share Search, And where is says gamer-tag search Fat Master.

So was playing and having a good time until I got matched up to a aimbotter, His name is REDACTED, I took the liberty to upload the match into File share, all you got to do is watch the video and watch him in all his aim-botting glory. Hopefully we can all agree on trying to get this guy banned from our Halo 4!

My GT - Fat Master
Film Titled - Hacker
Description - Watch REDACTED - Aimbotting
Keywords - cheating

I already reported his gamer-tag to Xbox Live but I really don’t think they take it serious without a few of complaints. His GT is a 5 year tenure! I don’t know if this guy just started cheating but this is just sad to see this in a console game, I am used to running into these people on PC only.

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Watching it now. Will edit.

Does look odd. Could be a modder, could be good aim coupled with theater lag. Can’t know for sure.

> Watching it now. Will edit.

would it be possible to upload to youtube?

Watched the video. Honestly, I’m 90% sure there was no hacking involved with this. It was probably just someone on a laggy connection who was a good shot.