Hackathon Submission: Halo 5 Arena Analytics

Application/Web Site Title: Halo 5 Arena Analytics
Description: Made specifically for this hackathon, this web application provides data on how you were killed and how you scored kills to help you improve your game.
URL: http://halo5analytics.meteorapp.com/
Screenshot: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rshurts/halo5arenaanalytics/master/screenshot.png
Gamertag: hysterio
Source Code: GitHub - rshurts/halo5-arena-analytics: Halo 5 API Hackathon Meteor application
Note: I’m using the normal developer rate limit. I’m storing all the information I retrieve so hopefully it won’t be necessary to retry requests due to the rate limit.

For those taking a look at things early, I’m interesting in any feedback you may have. Thanks!

Also note that capitalization counts on your gamertag, so you need to enter it as it appears on Xbox Live. I’m not sure if I’ll get a case-insensitive fix in before heading out for the long weekend.

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> For those taking a look at things early, I’m interesting in any feedback you may have. Thanks!

I’m getting a 502 each time I try to enter my gamertag.

> 502 Bad Gateway: Registered endpoints failed to handle the request.

Might be an issue with api timeouts if you’re rate limit isn’t high enough?

Looks like I need to scale up my instance. A dev instance isn’t big enough. Working on it now.

Should be good now and able to handle a higher load.

I applied for a rate limit increase this morning. After reviewing the log, I noticed some people were running into problems because I was hitting the developer rate limit, despite saving everything to a database and only hitting the API when I needed new data that wasn’t available in the DB.

The bigger instance seems to be working better. The mongo DB with a full replication set is providing better performance. Minor slow down happens anytime I need to hit the API to pull down more data. After the data is retrieved, revisiting old data is very fast. My application instance is staying below the memory limit, but seems to be getting close if the number of concurrent users/requests gets to high. I’ll continue to monitor the situation.

Thanks everyone who has tried out the site. Please try it out again.

I made a few performance improvements to the publish/subscribe methods, I should be able to handle more concurrent users now with a more responsive UI, provided I don’t hit the rate limit.

You should add color blocks to each section. Matches list has one shade of gray for its background, performance has another, etc.

Hate to hit up such a dead thread, but I can’t find any other mention of this. halo5arena.com will not pull up my Gamertag, but will pull up others I enter… I am literally copying my name from other gamertag collective stats and it still cannot find it. Any ideas???