Hack halo reach

Hello first of all sorry for my English is not very good … and I found a section of complaints and claims for an issue that I think is pretty serious and unpleasant, if anyone knows where I can make this more formal complaint would appreciate it tells me to present, which I’ll explain below … In recent days, at last something very wrong with (Halo Reach) recently found many players who are blatantly manipulating a bad player and a Hack for Reach 343 Industries which hopefully put enough attention to this because I am a player true and fair play above all things and this kind of give a very bad image to the platform of the game this is the link to the page that supports this type of behavior http://haloreachhacking.com/ which I think we are more we played so clean that the -Yoinks!- who do this kind of manipulation that are very stupid and deserve immediate expulsion. warning put the link of the page to see the problem of the matter ami apparently is very unpleasant and in no case support this behavior and ask you to please not do this Hack that contains this page and hopefully take a stand 343 this problem and is becoming very common in Matchmaking