H6 Scarabs and Epic Boss Fights

Everyone loves an action packed boss fight. Please consider bringing back Halo 3’s scarabs or the Kraken from Halo 5. Halo 6 needs to have an amazing story as well as awesome action packed game play. If Warzone is inn Halo 6 maybe put in a harder scarab or even the Kraken and that would be awesome. There is so much potential for Halo 6 please take these thoughts into consideration…

I agree, the Scarabs from Halo 3 were some of the best boss fights in Halo, it was so fun to replay those levels and screw around with the Scarabs. Me and my friends would spend hours playing those levels over and over trying to jump ghosts and wraiths on top of them. I would love for the epic battles and boss fights from Halo 3 to return in Halo 6.

Imagine a Flood infested scarab that collapses after you take it out and then you have to fight a second promethean type thing, but one that is the reverse in awesomness from the warden!

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Hell yes scarabs would be awesome to fight in warzone

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Banished scarabs would be sweet as well to take on.

Bigger scale fights are always better.

This would be great maybe even something with a new warzone.

You should get a job at 343 Industries, you are a genius.

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> You should get a job at 343 Industries, you are a genius.

That’s why he doesn’t have a job with 343, he’s genius. But yea, Scarabs would be awesome, I’d always see how much I could blow off of the Scarab without blowing it up.

i think that would be cool yea.

Scarabs and just bosses in general are always awesome to fight and the closest to them in halo 5 was the kraken but even then they weren’t that good so i would say yes to boss fights

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> Bigger scale fights are always better.

I agree. The idea of fighting a Scarab or Scarabs in Warzone gives me goosebumps. It’d be amazing

I never really got the sense that I was actually fighting the Kraken in Halo 5. We definitely need more things along the lines of the Scarab. A giant battle set piece that you are actually fighting. Scarab battles were always a lot of fun, it be nice if they brought them back with some sort of neat twist about them.

Fight a scarab is cool, but control a scarab is better ! One day maybe we would have this chance !

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