H5G:ODST (or H6:ODST) plot idea

so i have came up with a idea for a beginning of a “H5G:ODST” game so here it goes.
So it would start with the player being a ODST on a frigate (or a autumn/halcyon class ship) with the first thing you must do is the “green light” test which has been at the beginning of most halo games
(this test could be disguised as a eye test or some other idea)
anyway you would be en route to the mess hall with a squad mate (or a briefing/gun range/ect)
along the way you would see ships and orbital platforms via windows and maybe see news reports on consoles about the guardian incidents/juls death
(also your squadmate might talk about these incidents “hey did you hear about what happend to the covenant remnants lead squid head…i heard a ONI agent put a knife through his neck…thats the end of that purple paint splat on the UNSCs shirt” or “did you hear what happend at insert random colony here? 1 hudge crater and like a thousand dead…and what is that the 6th? 7th? time this month?”)
anyway a guardian would come out of slipspace and creates a emp blast
the ships captain orders a evacuation and the ODSTs must use there pods.
So the player would have to rush to the pod bay. The player could then chose what they drop with from armory stands in the bay.
So you would drop with your squad and as you go down you would see pelicans and ships falling through the atmosphere due to no power.
Any way you would fall to a point where you could see the lights of a city. However another emp blast would activate and you would see the lights of the city and also your pods power would go out and you would lose comms to your team.
Anyway it would get to a point where you have to activate your airbreak however it cant activate due to there being no power so you have to use a manual activator.
(this could be done via a quicktime event) anyway your pods airbreak would activate very late and so you would crash relatively fast. But you would survive via the oldest trick in the book:luck. Your night vision/scopes and lights would be out but you would slowly unlock these.
so you could be stuck in ither a city invron or a rual area. If its the city idea you would fight promethans and rouge civilians and help marines with civilians to a evac point
For the rual idea you would be in a farming colony and would fight innies trying to take advantage of the situation and some promethans.
As for your squad you would most likely meet them 1 by 1 (the whole flashback thing has already been done)
I am really pressed on this squad thing because the ODST game was known for its lonesomeness so maybe you meet the squad at the end.
As for the objective idk maybe your objective is to link up with your squad then link up with UNSC forces or just get the duck out of there with your squad.
I also have a idea for healing via medkits. When one heals they get a animation where your soldier uses the medkits and one can see him using the medical gear to heal himself this makes it a lot longer for medkits to be used so you can just use one when you are running from a fight. Also make more of a reason for a M rating as you would see a bloodied wound and him removing like a bullet or the wound caused by what ever he was most recently damaged by.
So thats my idea. Feel free to add your own thoughts. I cant really think up of a good middle and ending for this plot so if you wanna feel free to think up those parts yourself and post them here. I would love to see the community’s many takes on those parts of the story. So there you have it till next posting~mootmender

It would be a cool idea but something I would like to happen is since you have been a Spartan in most and an ODST why not a Marine? Also you should really check your spelling to help clear up what you were saying. Good idea though.