H5G designed for noobs.

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Repost I agree 100% halo is becoming a place for newer gamers to get hooked…
watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh_WOeu3q-k

1v1 me in Arena bro

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> 1v1 me in Arena bro

Hey, I’ll take a crack at too

Not going to follow link because the thread title leads me to believe it’s just going to be that trite BDobbinsFTW video. I’ve no more time or patience for tinfoil hats and conspiracy theories.

Can we stop with the links to this guy please, I mean the video came out in September 2013- this was before anyone new anything about what Halo 5 would play like (he said H5 WILL (be) NOT IS designed for N00Bs as he assumed it would follow the H4/Reach role and end up as a COD clone).