H5 should only match parties with parties in Arena

I dont think it is the case right row. It is very unfair a random team playing against a coordinating team.

100% they should have implemented this feature.

They don’t have it like this because of how long it would take to match people up. I agree though, it should be implemented. If you have the patience to round up a team of 4, you have the patience to wait for a suitable match.

I hate to add an obligatory “do what COD does!” comment.

But since MW2 there has been something called “Mercenary team death match” and “Mercenary Domination”.

Both of these gametypes are the same as the normal ones except there is NO parties/fireteams allowed.

Halo 5 desperately needs this for arena AND warzone or something like it. I play solo a ton, and it’s annoying to go up against 12 man squads all in a party in warzone.