H5 Roster doesn't show Activity

Within the first half hour of messing about in the Halo 5 menus I was disappointed with 2 things:

  1. The Halo 5 Roster doesn’t tell you what your friends are doing. Are they playing campaign right now? Warzone? Arena? I’d like to know before inviting or joining them. Even if I press A in the player, it still doesn’t tell me what they are doing. The past few Halo games had this ability, why doesn’t this one? Kind of a big deal, especially for those with large friends lists.

  2. We still can’t set our lobby privacy status to Open. Only options are Friends Only and Invite Only (same as MCC). We should be able to allow recent players and followers join our lobbies without having to invite them. This is how Halo lobbies worked prior to MCC. We should also be able to set a maximum party size, for example, 12 players. Once again, kind of a big deal, especially for those with a lot of followers.

Please fix. It’s extremely frustrating when important features are missing without explanation or logic.


Agreed, this is very frustrating. Unless I missed something, I can’t see what my friends are doing, if they are grouped, etc.

To add to this, if you select to invite a friend on the Friends List in H5, it takes you to your Xbox Live friends list instead of actually sending them an invitation. This is a big issue.

I agree all this stuff is pretty important but missing. I’ve been using smartglass trying to get parties together since it shows what people’s status. I shouldn’t have to do that. This stuff should be in the game.

Please fix this.