H5 Review

Hello everyone,
Felt I should give my review of the game so far. Before I start, I should give a little background of myself. I have been a Halo fan since the H1 LAN party days. H3 has been by far my favorite though and the friends I play with agree with this as well. I consider H3 to be the prime of Halo and would occasionally follow MLG and go to some of the events. I was never good enough to play for a pro team however but still enjoyed watching and playing the MLG playlist. For Halo to be great, it needs to be picked up by pro tournaments to help increase the popularity of the game. What made H3 so great IMO is that it was very well balanced, had a good skill gap, and required team work. When Reach came out, I was told by friends to save my money, but I went ahead and purchased it anyways just because it was Halo. By that point, MLG already dropped the game and I found out why. Bloom was very unpopular, BR was replaced by the DMR requiring 5 shots, and with the combination of amour abilities, it greatly reduced the skill gap and made for a slower pace game. It was not exciting at all to watch. I don’t have any experience in Halo 4 though as I did listen to my friends this time around on not to buy it. On to the review:

  • My initial reaction to the game when I played it day one of the release was that I was very impressed. With the last three Halos bombing (including MCC which is the one I was truly excited for), I had very low expectations. Game searches seemed fairly quick and shots registered great. The balance was nice and battles were usually quick. That was until after the update…- Post update caused lag. It was now seemingly impossible to four shot anyone. I stopped hearing “perfect”. My friends, along with others I talked to on XBL, confirmed the same thing, that shots weren’t registering right anymore. It was as if the game went from server host to peer hosting. This led to…- Slower game play. Now that shots weren’t registering right, people can now more easily run away. Team play and call outs were now of the extreme importance. Games are now won or loss solely based on team play. It doesn’t matter if you are Walshy, you are not lone wolfing it anymore. Even if you can get the chance of a 1v1, as soon as someone’s shields drop or they got caught in a bad position, they will boost and run for cover, unless you happen to be in very close combat. Because the last shot isn’t registering anymore, they are able to run away and recover most the time. Which leads to…- Remove running from the game. Maybe it won’t be an issue once shots are registering again, but from the reason I listed above, running away is ruining the game. By removing the run, you will now be required to out shoot, strafe/juke, or beat down your opponent. This will bring the skill gap back to a decent size and will make the game more fun to watch and play. Watching people constantly run away to recover shields is not good TV. You will of course still be able to try and find cover, but it won’t be as easy. You normally don’t chase for kills either in Halo, so the argument that both players have sprint doesn’t really work. The boosters however are another thing. I suppose you will still be able to use them to find cover more quickly, and that may be another topic, but first thing would be to remove the run and try from there. And lastly…- A few notes on bugs I have found. I am sure they have already been discussed before, but I figured I would list them anyways. When search can’t find enough players, it will kick you out and require you to start a new search. The timer for this should probably be lowered as your only choice is to wait or quit the game and restart it, which is sometimes quicker. Spectate has issues. Suddenly players will be running into walls, stop moving, etc., and you will have to use the skip button in hopes of trying to bring the game back or just wait. Sometimes players that are in parties get kicked to game chat. You should also be able to bring the carnage report back up after closing it. That is all I can think of at this point. H5 does look to have potential but hopefully 343 can put it’s focus back on MCC after their beta test and also not release H5 just to meet deadlines like they did with their last one.