H5 Req pack techniques/ streaks

Happy new year Spartans. I was wondering if you have a technique for obtaining weapons/vehicles in req packs. I realize contents are random, but here is what I do. If I buy a pack, and it contains something I want, e.g. a phaeton or wasp, I will get more of those vehicles, if I get 2 or 3 more packs. I go on a req streak. If I do not get what I want, I will not redeem for more packs, until the next day or later in the afternoon. Repeating what I mentioned above. I am sure it is all coincidence, but it is streaky with me. Do you have a req technique that will sometimes work for you? Are req’s streaky with you?

Just the luck of the draw, I’m afraid. Except for the Bronze, Silver, Gold strategy for unlocking things efficiently, there aren’t really any ways I know of to increase your chances of getting specific REQs. I’ve noticed the “streaky” thing you’re talking about before and, when I weigh it all up, I’m pretty sure it’s just coincidence.