H5 players stuck at daimond tier

hey what’s up everybody? I’ve been grinding halo 5 lately and have made some good friends with other players who had a rough time playing halo 5 alone just as I did. We have much more fun together, and win much more together. We struggle to find a 4 man team though. Sometimes our 4th player changes between a high platinum, to a onyx player. This throws the matches in weird directions where we match people that give much less for wins and screw us in our losses, or we hardly go up for wins because lots of the onyx lobbies we play they have 1 low tier player that I think saves them from deranking but for us we hardly go up for wins but lose a ton for a loss.

We’ve noticed we have our best matches where the playing field is more even when we are all closer to rankings. The high plat player is on his way to daimond. The rest of us have gotten to daimond 6 and scratches onyx a few matches, but currently stuck around mid daimond. So I’d like to expand our roster to have more daimond level players available to play together between all of our friends. Sometimes only 1 of us is on, sometimes 2, 3, etc you get the picture. I also have a discord for us. We’re all hella chill, joke around, etc. We like to grind the game, sure, but we also have become friends as well, talk about life and stuff.

The only basic…well…they aren’t rules really but…imo they’re just common sense things to keep in mind…

  • No toxic players. We all make mistakes. We can learn from them, help each other out, but never do we yell at each other in a manner that just makes that player feel like crap. You can express when a player should not push an area, but don’t do it in THAT kinda way.

  • have a mic…know most of the basic call outs. Play slayer and team arena. Those are our 2 main playlists.

  • being in the USA helps.

  • chill good vibes. You can express frustration in the match. Throw a few F bombs. We all do this. Let it out, but afterwards try to chill out and regain composure, make those good call outs and useful info on the communication.

  • be an adult. Hopefully in your 20s. I know there’s some young players that are really good at the game, but all of us are in our 20s and 30s.

  • don’t have a massive ego. No one likes people like that.

  • No rage quitting while everyone else stays in the match…you can express if you feel the match is pointless, but unless all team mates also want to quit the match, stay in it. Sometimes we can learn something in the very bad losses we take.

  • we share the power weapons. I normally grab whatever I’m next to when I spawn, but If someone wants sniper for example, all you gotta do is say “let me grab snipe this match”. Its the only way to get better with it of course, but if no one takes it, I normally do. If you suck at using a weapon like rail gun (which I’m TERRIBLE at most times) if you grab it be sure to ask if someone wants it. Sometimes our matches can hang on that note. If my shots garbage for the night, I always let someone else have sniper unless nobody is nearby to take it. Some of us hate rockets, so we give them to someone else etc. Know what you’re good at, and what you aren’t.

Most importantly…we have to have fun. Losing sucks…but the game is for enjoyment. We gotta have fun otherwise wth are we doing?

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, just send me a msg. There’s usually 2 of us on almost every single day. If you have discord, I’ll send you an invite.