H5 My opinion

So far I believe the game has great potential, it is fun and it is balanced for everyone. Not one player really has a bad gun.

What I do like
Sprint- I like sprint in this game I really think what they have done with it this time has really allowed sprint to be apart of Halo. Halo is about being able to move you have to be able to control your Spartan and sprint adds to that now everyone has a equal chance to survive to fight another battle.

Weapon balancing- For the first time in Halo we are seeing people be able to use different weapons then just the battle riffle and DMR. Although people are complaining that the AR is too over powered the truth is it is not. These are the people that do not understand that different weapons are made for different types of situation. If you engage in a battle with an AR and you have a Battle riffle at melee range the AR is and should win unless they are unskilled. A Battle rifle is a precision weapon not a spray and prey weapon like the AR developed for close range combat, The battle rifle is developed for medium to long range.

The ground pound- When I first started the game I thought this was going to be something that would be over used. After playing about 20 games I have seen it happen like 3 times, it is hard to do and it has to be a direct hit to kill the opponent I am also pretty sure that it takes down the shield of the person who is preforming the ground pound like assassination’s.

Things that I do not like.
Spartans talking to each other- Really I don’t have a big problem with this I just believe they say to much and some things that the enemy team may be able to hear, for instance “Reloading” the other team may hear this and rush the Spartan, If I wan people to know I’m reloading on my team ill scream it over my mic. " I use a mic every game"

Power weapons call out- I am not quite sure how I feel about this yet, I have noticed it cause quite a contest for the power weapons which I like but I think it take away the advantage of knowing when they spawn and such. “This really isn’t a big problem to me”

My overall thought of this game is very positive I believe this is the future of Halo and “I” am happy with it. Now I know when I am playing I am a super soldier but now I feel like I am. I will have more post as time goes on when I get more Halo 5 experience.

Please do not start calling me a Halo 4 lover, which I liked as well. I started playing halo in Halo 2 and I have played and owned every halo game that has ever released. “Halo for life!”

Also I do not like Kill cams.