H5 Multiplayer vs Infinite Multiplayer

it’s been six years since H5 came out. People trashed it and as a result, H5 multiplayer never got the love it rightfully deserved. It was a fantastic multiplayer. So many arena modes, BTB, super fiesta, warzone, warzone mythic firefight, custom games and custom browser – there were just so many ways to engage and play the game. I think that people asked for specific things in Infinite multiplayer and since those things were addressed, people are forced into saying that it’s a great multiplayer, when in reality, so far it is not anywhere near as good as H5 multiplayer.

I am unsure of what will happen with infinite multiplayer. It seems very ok to me. I will confess I’m not having a ton of fun playing it, but that’s also partly because I don’t have the latest gen of xbox console so the game looks worse on my screen. That I can accept. But I can’t accept a stepdown in multiplayer experience. I am really looking for the community’s reaction on this discussion between H5 multiplayer and infinite multiplayer.


H5 now and H5 at launch are basically two different games.


i can agree with this. but infinite multiplayer should be better than H5 now, not H5 at launch.

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H5 multiplayer was great. Loved warzone and weapon/vehicle VARIANTS. This was such a cool idea which kept me playing for ages…


I never played Halo 5, so I don’t know how it was like.

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While I enjoyed H5 multiplayer quite a lot, I still think this game is better. More traditional gameplay that is reminiscent of older titles is what I prefer.

The lack of modes and playlists is quite startling, but that’s really my only gripe.

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H5 is way better, at this stage. Just not enjoying Infinite at all and it isn’t inspiring me to play… sad

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I agree I’m not having as much fun playing as I was hoping to. I think it has a lot to do with the lack of playlists. Has there ever been a Halo game without a slayer playlist? Infinite is not in the same league as H5 imo.


I mean technically H1 as that wasn’t online, but the PC version had a browser menu and you could just search for Slayer matches.

So there’s quite literally no excuse here.

H5 is a little overrated tbh. It’s not as good as people claim… the pistol was inconsistent especially close range the weapon tuning update was the worst decision they could have made because at launch H5 was better…. At times mp was a mess cuz of the movement and no radar range kinda like this game. Anyway I think infinite is slightly better than H5 at the moment but that’s not saying a lot because infinte has many problems which I already addressed in another post…


As someone who played a lot of H5, I am torn at this rate. As of right now, Infinite is in beta. There are achievements for more modes like Elimination and more.

H5’s launch was piss poor with the lack of any social or casual modes and being strictly ranked. From my experience of both games it’s hard to say which I like more. However, I will say this between the two:

Halo 5 felt like it had a bigger sandbox that infinite.

I cannot stress to you how bored I am with the weapons in Infinite already, being able to see all of them in BTB and them being rotated in all other modes is a tiring experience.

At best Infinite’s level design is cleaner and easier to play within, Halo 5’s was over detailed and messy at the end of the day.

For the time being, I’ll hand the medal to H5’s MP, but this’ll be a question when Infinite’s MP comes out of Beta for sure.


H5 is like a Lamborghini compared to H; Inf. which is a model A ford

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bigger sanbox doesnt mean better sandbox when there is a lot of redundancy

It’s amazing how people forget the bare bones state h5 launched in. And the campaign was 4x as -Yoink!- also.

Not only does Halo 5 have my favorite multiplayer, Halo 5 is easily the game that started a lot of my current friendships. When I play Halo Infinite, I instantly love motivation and the desire to have fun. Lack of content, severe stability and netcode issues, I could go on and on about anything that kills my desire to play Halo Infinite. On the other hand, I always have fun playing Halo 5 or MCC. There’s so much content for me to play, the netcode and stability are actually decent, and I can also load into a match quickly in H5, unlike Infinite, where it takes almost FOREVER to load into one!

I mean the plasma pistol actually had a function in H5

Pistol didn’t have bloom so no it wasn’t in consistent. If anything it was the most consistent gun in the game. There is reason why people ask for the Halo 5 Magnum back. It was perfection.

People actually benifitted from the weapon tuning update. Some didn’t like what it was before hand. If your talking about the dmr changes then yeah I hate that too.

Movement was a mess to you because the options you can make. I get it. The thruster movement was just to fast for some people.

Radar doesn’t belong in compettiive. It also wasn’t as bad as infinites. I don’t think it was 18m radar for long.

Really a lot of things here are nitpicks

Don’t say that around a CE fan.

Halo 5 is considered a bad Halo title because it strays too far from classic Halo. Infinite is obviously closer to that.

I hate halo 5. I like infinite much better