H5 max level reward for infinte

At what point do we get the reward for the armor for reaching 152 in halo 5

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Hey man, not to worry, it’s there.

Did you just hit 152 recently?


yo if you just hit 152 congrats that’s an awesome achievement dude!

yeah just recently finished it off

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this game hasnt even actually released yet

Mine took a couple days.
There is a way to check, I saw it in general discussion last week.
You can unlock it if it doesn’t auto unlock

343 is on point with this.

Speaking of the max rank Halo 5 reward, is there an expiration date I’ve got to get that? Recently picked H5 back up and I wouldn’t mind having something to grind for.

TBH It’s not worth it if your not close already coming from someone who finished the grind and has the reward

it took a total of 1800 hours to hit 152, and like 4-5 months just to finish the last level, while working a job

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I guess “grind” was the wrong word cause I just going to try to get it passively. I’m really not enjoying Infinite right now but I really like H5 so as long as it’s still available I’ll probably keep a steady pace toward it. Thanks

Snickerdoodle, a 343 community rep, posted about what to do almost 2 weeks ago. I cant link.