H5 is the most camp-friendly game in the series

No matter what I do and how long I play this game seems completely foreign to the other Halo games. For example my K/D always fluctuates every game, in Halo 5 either I do really good or really bad, there is no middle ground. Now in the previous Halo’s I would always be at the top of my team, always know where to look and generally just be better. With Halo 5 there are so many nooks and crannies and little places to hide (that are supposed to be there for the spartan abilities) that it is impossible to check every area before entering it and I’ll just find a guy crouching with a storm rifle in a sneaky corner. I think the map designs are just awful to be honest. I’m trying to adapt to the game and have played a fair amount of time in it, but it’s becoming less and less fun every single time I play. I’m all for change and all that but seriously it’s hard to even consider this game a part of the Halo series, it seems like close up, campy, “beatdowny” gameplay rewards you more than actually having a skillful shot.

Yes very camp friendly

It seems like you and me are playing complete different games then.
I’ve tried to camp a few times, it’s less rewarding than you might think. Usually the enemy spawns right on the other side of the map and never even gets close. I still find moving around with my trusty BR the way to go, even against campers.

It might just depend on what gametype you’re playing though.

It’s not camp friendly, it’s control-centric.

Halo’s combat in this game revolves around controlling prominent areas (where you can easily watch and have area advantage over your opponents) and power weapon spawns. Power weapon spawns just so happen to be in prominent areas.

Your experience is not everyone else’s. Don’t get that confused. I am sorry you’re encountering campers though, it’s never fun. I would go out of my way to make that game hell for them. Or I would just stay away from those areas people can camp. Honestly, if you take rooms slow or nade before entering, you will almost always be fine against a camper.

Speaking as a not-so-reformed camper, I would have to say that Halo 5 is not the most camper friendly of the Halo games. That would be Halo 4 in my opinion, where I could spawn with a boltshot (when it was still a shotgun) and active camo and sit at my base and wait for people to try and steal the flag. I miss being able to turn invisible all the time, but will have to make due with what I have.

The biggest camp spot I’ve seen is on the crashed version of Zealot (Not a clue on this games maps. They are all so forgetable.) Is on a tiny ledge that I don’t think you are supposed to be able to stand on and you have a clear sight of the fuel rod spawn.

I disagree. I experience very little camping in the games I play.