H5: Guardians 2015/H5:Something 2016?

Just a theory.

I’d like to think Halo 5:Guardians is just Halo 5. But given the prominent featuring of the ONI Spartan, the fact that this is the first numbered sequel to have a subtitle, and this promise of a ‘journey’ and wanting to push the franchise in new directions (and an ever present desire to compete with those dreaded yearly franchises)what if Halo 5 is two complete, but separate games, one from The Oni’s perspective and the second from The Chief’s perspective, both on opposite ends of the same events, coming out a year apart? That might explain the box art. The sequel box art would have Chief on top.

Just speculating. Fun to imagine. It’s probably not going to be anything we imagine. I doubt it will be like Halo 2 where it switches perspectives throughout. I think that’s a little too predictable (as cool as it would be) and they know we’d think that and are about to pull the rug out with something bigger.

that kinda makes sense but i hope its not like that … i don’t want halo to be like COD that comes every year

Interesting theory, about having Halo 5 being separated into two different games, the first game focusing on ONI and the 2nd on Chief etc. I personally don’t like the idea, as I prefer playing as John, and don’t want to wait 3 years to play as another character haha, but I do see you said 2016 so its kind of a side/filler game to keep us busy for the next full game, so I wouldn’t mind that.

But I’m sure there’s only going be one part to Halo 5, I don’t think the subtitle is suggesting there’s going to be a second part, just like Halo: Combat Evolved.

It’d be cool if they did a side game focusing on Arbiter’s story, that’s if we don’t see him along side John or anything again.

If that’s true then there will be another -Yoink!- cliffhanger! I hate cliffhangers!