H5 Forge Pelicans

Hey y’all, anyone else been having an issue where the textures on the forge Pelican are absurdly low-res for some reason? I’m pretty sure they weren’t like that when Pelicans were added to Forge, and I’m worried it might be some problem on my end.

Edit: The same applies to the textures of Warthogs and such, but only the paint, not the decals. If that makes any sense. Like, on the Rally Hog the “Radon” graphic on the hood is perfectly fine, but the green / yellow / blue / white paintjob underneath is hella low resolution.

Maybe do a hard reset? (That usually fixes everything) It could just be that your game is having a difficult time rendering certain blocks. Do you have that problem with anything else?

Yeah, forgot to mention that Warthogs and other vehicles are behaving the same way. They’ve been doing it for a little while, too.