H5 Cortana seems to be returning

I hate to be “that guy” but it seems like somebody really doesn’t want to go back to Cortana’s old design. I’m not trying to be some disgusting creep, but it seems more like an insult to her old design choice. I know 343 thinks it was too “revealing” after 4’s design, but that’s because in 4 it’s like they deliberately tried to make some rule 34 content. You could make out every curve and every sag in every… Ya know what, I’ll let your mind fill in the blank for you. For a good reference, instead of thinking of cortana as flat out naked, imagine her in a bodysuit. Suddenly her breasts seem to appear far less saggy and more appropriate than that old “Kakow!” Design that 4 used. Heck, worst case scenario, just reuse the Halo 3 Cortana. It was already so good that it was reused in Reach and CE Anniversary. Why not here? Also, don’t try what you did with H2A. That made Cortana look fat, especially during gameplay.

I don’t understand half of the Community’s obsession with wanting naked Cortana back. Whether she is naked or not, it doesn’t change her character in any way. Her design in Halo 5: Guardians was fine; in fact it was probably one of the better artstyles 343i went with in that game, I’d say.


Halo 5 style was a good artistic approach

I agree, and Cortanas physical appearance is the least of that character’s issues in my opinion.


Sure it’s not important, but 343’s Cortana models following 4 were just so ugly… And fat… They need to try again in the next installment because Infinite is one of those. Did I like 4 either? No, actually, but it was still better than 5, 2A, and looks like Infinite’s Cortana as well. I think my preference would be a tie between CE and 3’s models.

I think you need to just accept that the days of naked waifu cortana are gone, man. Sensibilities have changed, aesthetics have ebbed with the tide of time. She really doesn’t look that bad - if you think you can improve her, submit some work to 343; you might be surprised.