H5 Contest!

Hello fellow halo players, am doing a contest right now until February 29. And the prize is 1 month of Xbox Live Gold Membership.

Its a very simple contest, All you have to do is acquire your fastest possible time on my Wipeout map, without cheating in any way. You will record your process and then send the clip to me on this e-mail (unsortedgaming@gmail.com).
Use the website xboxdvr.com or xboxclips.com to find your clip and paste/copy the link into the e-mail.

Add “unsorted guy” to bookmark or select the map (UG Wipeout)
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v24qCc7TXSw

Stay tuned for more competitions like these coming up, eventually a even bigger prize, like Master Chief Collection. So dont worry if you dont manage to win this one.
Hope most of you will participate and good luck! :slight_smile: