H5 Campaign- opening cutscene, and a "DLC"

Hey guys, I was replaying the first level of Halo 5, and I thought how cool it would be to have the opening cutscene playable? If you remember, that cutscene was pretty exciting. What if you had to fall towards the drop zone, avoid rocks, avoid the Covenant carriers shooting at you, and finally jump off the cliff into what is presently the start of the level?

You know how Blue Team, killed the Didact? If you don’t, it’s because it was not in the game. How about a free campaign DLC that shows Master Chief’s reunification with Blue Team and a mission or two where you fight the Didact? A lot of people loved Black Team from the books, so it would be fitting for them to be immortalized in Halo 5.

Campaign DLC ? I like that idea, doubt we’ll see any, but never say never.

It would be pretty cool. But I can’t see it happening anytime soon sadly.

I wish that were in the works, but we will probably just have to wait till Halo 6. The wait is real.

343 have already confirmed that they have no plans for a campaign DLC. Still a good idea though.

Oh, I like that idea.

Good idea. Bet it will never happen though.

Not gonna happen and if they did do story DLC id rather it be on more Blue Team.

Yeah, I’d like that quite a bit. And if they do that, they can change Black Teams horrible and pointless deaths.

I dunno man, pretty sure people would rather watch a cut scene - that’s what 343i thinks and they know what’s best for us. What are you going to suggest next, that the Master Chief vs. Agent Locke fist fights should have also been playable? Booooooring