H5 Beta Feedback- Grenades

Grenades, to me, have always been one of the main balancing issues in the Halo games. Halo: Reach had appropriately termed “Pineapple bombs” (not only for their size but for their ridiculous strength). Halo 4’s grenades were kind of hit and miss. Sometimes they’d seem far too powerful, sometimes they’d seemingly do almost no damage at all. Thus far in the beta, I’m a bit conflicted. The grenades seem to be just a little bit harder to master (as far as trajectories go), but overall, I think their damage output is too strong.

I was just in a Breakout match where someone lobbed a very well placed grenade beneath my feet from across the map, and although I had no damage to my shield’s whatsoever, I was instantly killed. I have also noticed myself getting a couple of one hit kills with grenades (I recently started a Breakout match with a random grenade throw which luckily hit someone around a corner and killed them for a First Strike even though no shots had been fired from any player yet). I think these need to be nerfed a little bit, but not to the point where they’re useless. They should be tools for clearing out rooms and corners, but not mini atom bombs. If anything, a frag grenade placed directly under the feet of a player should wipe out all shields and leave them with a small amount of health, but should not kill them from one hit.

Thanks for reading!