I find the new playlist team objective to be the best of all the playlist but honestly AA’s I find break this playlist. Why would you allow a team of jetpackers against a team of random people using assortments of thrusterpacks, camo, hologram, etc that are ground based? Thruster pack is for evasive but all in all who cares if in abandon your top mid and 3 people jetpack from 3 different sides to your team with oddball? Your dead and they win top mid for sure B/c they are using assault rifles. Now just set up somewhere else, ring 2 middle where they can’t use jetpacks maybe? That spot is terrible. Everywhere else on that map jetpacks can break the rules that any other player has. Which is also why people are asking for parkour and crap now imo. What happened to relying on trick jumps to using different routes? I don’t think it’s possible although I’ve seen it in custom games where there is no abilities and no sprint, I’d like to see this for objective gametypes. i know Halo 4 has potential but honestly armor abilities and simple routes is what deterred people from Halo.