“You appear to have lost your connection to Xbox Live. You must be connected to Xbox Live to play.” I get this message every time I try and play H4 X360. I’ll get into a couple of online games and get kicked out with my above message but my Xbox 360 is still connected to Xbox live I can see my friends online. Does any one know how to solve this problem?

There are many factors that could be making this an issue and some basic info is needed. If you can think of any other information aside from the questions below please list them as well.

  • Do you have a wired connection or play wireless? - How old is your modem and / or router? - What type of internet package do you have? - Where are you located? (country, rural, etc.) - Is your Xbox 360 an older model or newer? - Is anything else with the game not working or just connection? - Does your Xbox 360 hold a stable connection? - In terms of minutes and / hours, how often does this occur?

I play wireless on Xbox 360 Slim from UK. It happens at least every 30 minutes. Could it be because I’m wireless? Not happy with that since wireless is my only option.