H4 we want good maps

I would really like to see an improvement of the maps in H4. Reach’s were god awful in my opinion. Mostly because they were all industrial looking and not very original. Halo is Halo because of the amazing futuristic scenery that there is in the campaign, and in other halos, the multiplayer maps as well. Halo CE was amazing due to maps like blood gulch and sidewinder. Halo 3 was great for maps like Valhalla and Sandtrap. They used vibrant colors and made the maps magical all in their own ways. A mix of some great outdoors maps and some inside “industrial” ones would be great. I can’t criticise maps like The Pit. Or what is very nice sometimes is a mix of the industrial and the scenic, i.e Rats Nest and Construct (with that freaking awesome waterfall). Please just don’t fudge up the MP maps 343. I’m still playing H3 and CE online today because not only are they fun to play, but the maps all give them an incredibly unique and enjoyable experience.