H4 Terminals on Waypoint

Where/How do I access the H4 Terminals?
They showed up once when logging in for the first time after unlocking them, but now I can’t find them anywhere.
(In “Classified” the CEA terminals are listed, but the H4 ones are not… been browsing Waypoint, but I find the App pretty hard to navigate and have no idea where to look).

Go to http://app.halowaypoint.com, sign in, and then go to the Campaign section. There is a sub section called “Domain Terminals”.

Halo Waypoint Team

Cannot do that. It gives me this error code: 52AB231C-91D9-48CF-AA32-C704C5E392A5

Next time put the terminal videos in the disc. It’s kind of sad you put game content in a web that doesn’t work.