H4 tactics

Thruster pack - like an evade except your head remains at the same height level

weaknesses - one direction

  • possible to fall of cliff to give you the kill

tactic prevention

  • based on their direction you can grenade to location they will stop which
    will be simpler if they rush to a wall there already close to
  • Or use this moment to reload a bullet in your shotty or your pistol

run away tactics

  • use at a gap which the sprint jump cannot cross and sprint to saftey

team tactics

  • rush the enemy to melee while he is fighting a ally.
  • distract enemy to buy time

Hardlight sheild

weaknesses - can be melee’D through sheild

  • weak to explosives
  • limited cover

tactic prevention

  • mainly all the weaknesses “A LOT”

Run away & Team tactics

  • Sheild yourself to buy time to get away or distract
    –same as above but distract to have a ally assault the enemy as the sheild will be a big eye catcher

Promethian vision

weaknesses - can only view enemys to a certain distance and mass you can see through which gets represented by shades of red on the enemy player that can be hard to see.

  • if the user only uses the start flash he cannot pinpoint you for every action and based on released data you can know when he is using it which will guide how he/she plays as to prevent the player.

Runaway tactic & prevention

  • maintain a degree of mid distance weaponry once you learn of a vision user and based on where he may be position yourself to be a lesser threat or had to notice to get a jump on them
  • prepare of combat plan based on where they will come at you as they cannot see grenades that easily if there vision is still running
  • get some assistance if possible.

grenade pistol named ???
can be used for offensive and defensive

put it simply offensive to damage or kill possibly stun if that’s even possible

and defensive to buy time by setting it to beep/alert as to have a chance to scare off some players and if there gutsy enough to START to run in your direction throw grenade to catch the enemy in a massive multi powerful grenade trap

I want to see people splatter themselves into walls with the Thruster Pack.

> I want to see people splatter themselves into walls with the Thruster Pack.

Ok I laughed at the visual I got from that…now I want to see it too. That or thrusting off the edge of maps or ledges.