H4 Stats

Halo 4’s gameplay has made judging skill from stats infinitely more difficult. Customizable gameplay allows for everyone to immediately use their own style. In Reach it was still slightly this way, but less so. You could look at a person’s ToD, Kills, K/D, spread, etc.

Take me, for example. My K/D is 2.34, but I am not worthy of that. I get outshot pretty frequently, but my loadouts allow for me to go 24-3, 16-1, 32-5 etc. in a considerable majority of my games. There is really almost no way to judge skill anymore.

I played a person whose K/D was over 7.0, he was positive about 12.5k. However, I cornered him, and no matter what I did it seemed he couldn’t escape or fight back. He was weak.

What do you guys think?

I think a persons skill in online match making were no money is on the line and its not a tournament atmosphere means squat.