H4 Spartan Ops --> H5 Campaign

So in Halo 4 we play a sort of mini campaign/TV show called Spartan Ops and its a continuation on Halo 4s main campaign only with 4 friends and new characters. Now Im wondering if this story will continue on to Halo 5, like a connector. It would be a great way to link thinkgs together and keep people interested. Like this kind of- H4, H4 SO, H5, H5 SO, H6, H6 SO.

I thought Spartan Ops would be an interquel to H4 campaign.

I don’t know about SO in other Halo games like 5 and 6, but there should ALWAYS be a multiplayer Spartan campaign. I think it should have been like that along time ago, instead of just focusing on the Chief. My headcanon characters come’ith!