H4 new videos and topic

Halo 4 is a highly discussed topic here and the new maps are amazing but at the end of each video who here that is a real halo player that gets offended by COD hates how there is a COD clip at the end of each video its just wrong, and to throw in shots of cod noobs that claim profession is just sad to see.

all I need to say is I don’t mind cod so long as I dont see cod. which is the problem with it being POSTED on the HALO site its an invasion of terf by my prospective and I dont like it.

now I dont mind if others play it but so you know

cod is a franchise that is used as a term to insult somebody in halo when a sinical A tells you to get off halo and go to COD its forms a line that should not be crossed and dont say that line a’int there cause its all over the forums with cod complaining posts.

this is different halo is halo and cod is cod there is no true combinging there is only a full out invasion of privacy by crossing the lines that have been dealt and I hate tresspassing as I hate COD

If Halo 4 and CoD, then has anyone ever been so far as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Halo is Halo no matter how you cut it

but when you post a portion of a vid with the message SAID AS COD and players from COD then its cod and nothing but srtaight cod

if halo takes things then it takes things but I hate the title franchise of COD

Considering how stunningly well threads that have “Halo 4” and “COD” in the same post go, I’m gonna nip this in the bud.