Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. What we’ve seen today is nothing short of incredible. I could comment on how the reinvention of the game’s aesthetics seems to breathe new life into the franchise but I’m not.

Rather, I’d like to commend you guys on how you’re integrating the narrative. From the tidbits we got today, there was some mention of how multiplayer will “make sense” of why blues fight reds. Though small, it’s little injections of story that really add a resonance to the franchise.

With all of the other narrative vehicles Halo uses I am most happy about how you guys (and girls) are taking into account where all of it fits on the timeline. With the creation of the Halo games pre-343i, there wasn’t a clear direction or big picture. Now that there is some semblance of direction, the possibilities are nearly endless for Halo. Piece by piece, a robust Universe is being created and at the rate you’re going, we may have a franchise as narratively robust as Star Wars.

*Before I get any flack, please note that Star Wars comment had nothing to do with one franchise being superior over the other. All I mean to say is that the Star Wars Universe is HUGE and at this rate the Halo Universe will also be HUGE.

In closing, I think it’s worth mentioning how you’re handling and respecting the Halo narrative is the perfect way to enter the narrative space of motion pictures. While I was really disappointed Blomkamp’s movie didn’t work out, having a coherent Universe and narrative direction will make the movies eventually worth the wait. Let’s try to avoid reboots (e.g. Spiderman) by getting the story right the first time.

Keep up the incredible work,