H4 FF + Forge

i dont know about any one else, but i tend to get tired of the same EXACT maps for FF, it would have been nice if they were just a BIT different in some ways for different game types.

like on overlook, being able to run around in a hog mowing down covies, or making beachhead into a real beachhead with fortifications and every thing.

i hope that in H4 we will be able to mess around with our own creations of FF maps, picking WHERE and how many drop pods can land at a time and whats in them.

how many drop ships and where they can drop off the troops/vehicles.

it could make FF so much more fun to play most of all if there was an ability to have the custom ones uploaded and be considered for use in normal FF matchmaking or some thing.

just my thoughts, comments welcome but please give reason for any pro or con comments that you wish to make.