H4 custom missing some Tactical & Support upgrades

Halo 4 is missing a couple of the ‘Tactical Packages’ and ‘Support Upgrades’ in it’s custom games settings, under Player Traits, Equipment. This is an extremely minor issue and I’m certainly not calling for immediate action. I just thought I would try to shed some light on this in hopes of maybe getting the missing options added in a future update. I can’t quite remember if this is also the case in the original Halo 4, but obviously we can’t expect the developers to go and update that one (even though it might be nice).

Anyway, the missing Tactical Packages are: Requisition & Wheelman

And the missing Support Upgrades: Stability, Gunner, Stealth, Nemesis & Drop Recon.

After writing this, I realised that I didn’t stop to think if their omission might possibly be intentional, but it did make me realise that Firepower is available, even though it doesn’t make sense for it to be. We can already set players to spawn with a primary weapon in their secondary slot in the custom games settings, so why is it there? I also noticed something else. There is one Tactical Package (or Support Upgrade, can’t remember which) from Halo 4 which is completely absent in the MCC: Survivor. This one enabled you to survive even when your vehicle was destroyed. Is there a particular reason why this one was left out?