H4 Controllers =/= H4 Console Controllers

To clear up any confusion about the H4 controllers, the H4 controllers that are sold separately will have a different design than the H4 controllers that come bundled with the LE Console.


They both have blue LED lights though. Collectors, rejoice!

There’s no chance I’m getting the console, but the controllers…
I still have my original 360 Elite from a year or two ago, lol.

There are two controllers - The UNSC controller and Halo 4 LE controller.

My main question is are they rechargeable or non rechargeable? Are they just like skins?

OMG! The UNSC controllers are so SICK!!!

I will order those controllers as soon as they become available. The console it too expensive ( and to be honest I don’t like the console )

Im torn between getting a console or not. It is almost guaranteed that local game retailers will offer a discount on it if you trade in your 250gb xbox slim, other wise I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Definitely getting the UNSC controllers though. Possibly the Tritton headset if it isn’t rubbish.

With the Xbox 720 coming too, I doubt I’ll get the Console.