H4 at E3 what do you want to see?

For those of you who have been patient, yes our hopes are going to be answered with E3 right around the corner. But what do you want to see?

Here’s my hopes:

A new trailer

More gameplay for the love of Cortana…

What specializations are

A look at Spartan Ops(more depth)

How loadouts are going to work being brought into Halo.

And last but not least, for the love of competitive gameplay being revived…a DAMN ranking structure 343!!

Basically what they have already announced, multi-player explanation.

Something new for once.

more hate in the forums.

On the stage I am expecting to see a trailer. Afterwards I’m wanting to see some full on multiplayer.

Campaign please.

Hopefully a mix of Halo 3 and Reach marketing will be done at E3.

1. Campaign Trailer
A two-three minute showcase/teaser of the campaign, with actual gameplay footage.

2. Spartan OPs Demo
A five minute demo of a mission from Spartan OPs, showing how it works and what we can expect in terms of length, difficulty, and story.

3. Multiplayer Games
A few demonstrations of multiplayer games on Warhouse and Wraparound, plus any new maps they unveil. Hopefully it will include a mix of both the current Slayer (with loadouts, AAs, and so on) and Classic Slayer (with BR spawns, no AAs, classic physics and mechanics and so on) to show how the game still plays like Halo 3.

That is all it needs for the hype to increase massively.

I want to see a bit of the first Campaign level, some Multiplayer gameplay, and some information about Forge.

On the stage

  • Campaign demo of the first level.
  • Campaign trailer with some gameplay footage.

Possibly playable multiplayer at the E3 booth for those who go there so we get to see some gameplay.

And of course a lot of information on the web.

I want to see the new and improved Forge and Multiplayer maps


I want to see a lot of multiplayer footage and maybe Spartan ops and Forge. I don’t need to see the campaign, campaign is going to be awesome anyway. What worries me are only the changes they did to the multiplayer.

I am expecting the first level of the campaign since the press have already seen it, I would also like forge details, but multiplayer details as well, to stop complainers.

> On the stage I am expecting to see a trailer. Afterwards I’m wanting to see some full on multiplayer.

A ranking system.

An amazing trailer like Halo 3 did back in 2007.

> A ranking system.


we hope


Hopefully some more multiplayer footage/ information etc, and some Spartan Ops gameplay.

Does anyone mind explaining to me what E3 actually is? I know its like an event where games are unveiled etc but I’m not exactly “Mr Current Affairs” when it comes to gaming events.

Also, when is it?

To see what all the covenant look like and maybe some of the main characters (and possibly some of the new enemy)

To see some of the new weapons in action

To see some of the new vehicles in action

To see multiplayer gameplay with new things in to know what they’re like and how they work.

To see some campaign and/or spartan ops gameplay.