H4 and Halo Waypoint Classified Puzzle crap !

So like I know alot of yall must be busy working on the “Raider” Mk7 armor.
I dont fully understand the gist of all this put in some wack -Yoink- forerunner glyphs .
I found the gauntlets and the torso
But what id really like to know is
When or Why the Halo CE : Anniversary Terminals arnt showing up in my Halo Waypoint Classified Section ?
Is anyone else having this issue ?
All of my Spartan Ops are completed on Legendary
All of my Terminals have been found in all 4 games
Halo 3
Halo Odst
Halo CE
Halo 4
So…Why isnt Halo Waypoint Recognizing my Achievements ?
Furthermore 343 doing this hide and seek with the puzzle crap totally takes away from my gaming experience…Good Call there !