H3 update

i have an update idea. HR has been getting alot of attention with the upcoming helmates and even its own update. So i have came up with a H3 style update
the update would include many H3 armor types like classic scout classic mark 5 and classic rouge (maybe even hyabusa? :wink: ) the vehicle added in the update would be ither the prowler or the chopper or both. The choppers instant ram kill would add many dynamics to vehicular warfare in warzone and the prowlers 3 person riders ability would make for quite the game. Then for the weapon skins. Such skins could be classic skins where it would change there look to the classic style (like the AR gets a gunmetal look like from H3 or the BR gets a full black redo with the triangles on the side) another idea would be cover skins (such as the DMR would have the HR cover art of noble team on its stock and the smg would have the duel wielding master chef from H2 on its stock. Also the rest of the gun would have the games tagline such as the BR with the H3 cover art on its stock would say “finish the fight” on the front end) So theres my idea tell me what you think in the comments till next time~Mootmender.

Halo 3 is the plague to 343.

So far we only have the AA Wraith from halo 3.
That’s it.
Reach has alot (will) ce/2 have stuff, odst has more
But no straight halo 3 reqs…