H3 ODST Weapon + Vehicle Skins + Feedback

It would be nice if we could use our H3 weapon and vehicle skins in H3 ODST campaign and firefight.

On a side note, for the campaign customization, it is annoying that when you get into a vehicle, change the skin, and get out, and a marine gets in to pilot it, the skin changes back to default. I think there are two ways this could be addressed; 1) marines and other allies don’t change the skins, so when a player touches something, it stays that way forever unless another player touches it, or 2) all weapons and vehicles in a given campaign mission are set to the player’s chosen skins. I think 2 would be the best option; it would be very very cool to have marines and enemies using the skins you chose.


I personally have been wishing that the first suggestion was the case, so I could skin stuff, and then give it to my buddies, rather than seeing my custom stuff all over the place.


Agreed. Plus, it’s fun to see what my buddies chose for their skins whenever I get the chance.


There’s no need to worry about any of that. From what I have seen the skins don’t do anything. A regular warthog will function exactly the same as one with any skin, at least in my experience. Do certain skins make the warthog go faster or make the gun more powerful?

They are just skins. They just alter the appearance of whatever they’re applied to. Some people like to customise their character/weopon/vehicle, some don’t. Different strokes for different folks.

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Well from what i can see the various skins are useless and don’t do anything. Seems like there is no point in having them. None of them actually make the warthog better? If that’s the case then why even bother incorporating them into the game…

because it’s cool to change how a warthog or sniper looks. does it really matter whether or not it changes gameplay? people (like myself) like expressing themselves differently.


That is what I wrote - they are just skins to change appearence, nothing more.

The point in having them is that the developers, who own the game, thought (correctly) that enough customers would like them to make it worth doing. Those who don’t like them, and those who don’t care either way, are free to ignore them.

Always be aware, different people have different tastes and opinions, as you’ve seen from threads on the topic in the forum.

That’s how cosmetics in Halo always worked.
It’s how they worked in balanced multiplayer games.


Okay, so the various skins do nothing at all. Yet, they are something to be unlocked as a “reward”? That makes no sense. Please explain to me how I should be happy to unlock something that literally does nothing at all whatsoever.

The value to you is entirely a matter for you.

Whether to unlock these rewards is entirely a decision for you.

Whether you consider them a reward is entirely a matter for you.

Changing appearence obviously isn’t “does nothing whatsoever”.

People have a right to different view from yours, whether they make sense to you or not. Just because a particular player, or group of players, don’t see value in something does not mean there is no value in that thing, or that the delelopers should not include that thing in their game.

You’ve seen enough posts from other players across multiple threads to know that many players like changing the appearence of their avatar, nameplate, vehicles, weapons etc, just as many don’t.

I think this discussion run its course


I am 100% correct. Everything you mentioned is completely useless and as such has no value at all - especially as a “reward”. As far as I can tell, none of it actually does anything at all which happens to be the definition of that word. Sorry to burst your bubble but nobody cares about what you look like in-game - they’re simply trying to kill you before you kill them. Does whatever armor you have equipped help you in that regard? If so, please let me know and I will gladly start using my 350+ yellow/blue cubes.

Halo 3 has this amazing new feature called “Theatre”, you should really look into the history of it some time kiddo.

??? Most people like to unlock cosmetics in video games. Not sure why that bothers you so much. In any case, whether or not cosmetics should be in video games, the fact of the matter is that they already are, and I am asking for additional features related to them. If you think 343 should spend their resources elsewhere, that’s fine, but say that instead of saying that cosmetics shouldn’t be in the game entirely. They’re already there; not sure what you’re arguing about.


Yeah I wish I could use my weapon and vehicle skins in ODST maybe even visor skins?


There is no point to unlocking things that do nothing. None of the armor will do anything at all sadly. The armor pieces should have been coded to have minor effects, such as adding HUD range, protecting against grenades/weapons/headshots/handicap settings/etc… As is they serve no purpose.

Cosmetic Customization was introduce alongside Theatre mode in 2007 as a way to show off the skills and achievements of the players to the greater community, it gave rise to Machinima, and nowadays is held to high regard as a vehicle for Player personalization and expression. with the addition of Mod Tools, many things such as skins have Modders excited since they can be used to add additional flair to campaigns both new and old.

Halo is balanced around it’s sandbox and the players skill, not what advantages a “Build” gives you. if you do not like that this is how Halo as a game plays, there are plenty of games out there ready to scratch the itch your looking for. if you really feel the need to air these kinds of grievances, create a new topic instead of forcing unrelated threads off topic.


It’s fine that you have that opinion; I just don’t understand how it’s relevant. The argument over whether purely cosmetic items should be unlockable in MCC is a moot point, since purely cosmetic items are already unlockable in MCC.

It’s just strange to me that we’re arguing over whether they should or should not be in Halo, since they’re already here; many people do enjoy them, including myself, and I personally would appreciate if 343 took some extra time to make them an even better feature.

Luckily for players who don’t want to see cosmetics, or wish they weren’t a part of the game, in most cases in MCC you can turn off new cosmetic features that didn’t used to exist. For example, you can toggle on and off campaign cosmetics, so that you can enjoy the games exactly as they were when they launched, and for Halo 3 and (maybe?) CE you can turn off the new multiplayer cosmetic items.

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