H3 ODST Legendary Achievement and Audio Log issues

I spent about 3 hours finding all of the audio logs in the “Mombasa Streets.” found the first 29 and then started “Data Hive.” Then I was done for the night so I saved and Quit. Got a message that my “active profile was signed out” even though I had not signed out. Then this morning I continued the campaign and the corrupt NMPD cop died prematurely and I was locked out by Virgil, pretty much saying I did not find the first 29 Audio Logs. I then look through the VISR and some how I only have 7, even though I have the achievement for the first 29. I do not mean to pester but here is, yet again another MCC problem. Has anyone else encountered this, and will I have to find all 29 again… :frowning: Someone help please… (BTW I am playing on Legendary solo, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone in terms of achievements, so I am disappointed.

Update: I beat legendary just now and the Xbox Achievement app says that it is 87% done, even though the Master Menu says I have beat all of the ODST missions on Legendary. Also The 9th Audio Log achievement says “Done… Unlocking” so i do not know if that achievement is causing problems in game somehow since all but 7 of the audio logs disappeared. I will be very disappointed if I have to play these over. I stayed up late beating this and did not get my full rewards… Someone please fix or help!!!

I did not unlock the “Complete Uplift Reserve” Avatar so possibly this may be the level that is holding my Legendary Achievement so I will try to beat it again and update you guys.

I replayed Uplift Reserve on legendary and got the easy, normal, heroic, and legendary achievements along with the uplift reserve achievement. So if you are having this issue, try looking at your avatar rewards, Idk if every level has it but its a good idea. Also apparently the problem is stopping mid session, the game saves do not work properly so the best thing to do at this point is finish a level and then save and quit in the “Mombasa Streets,” just for safety. I am still having the audio file issue though please help! Thanks

I just unlocked the 30th Audio File. However, the achievement for unlocking all 30 has not popped (and is stuck at 96%). How do I fix this? As, I cannot pick up the audio logs in the streets anymore as I have already picked all of them up.

Using an Achievement Hunter guide, I have determined that I cannot find all of the audio logs a second time. I only have gotten back 20 and there are only two more locations to find. My ODST logs are officially broken.

Anyone else having an issue with the Record Store Owner achievement not popping up after picking up all of the audio logs?

I have tried to play through all 30 (yes, my visor data shows that I have all 30 and I have all of the individual achievements for all 30) and I have picked up the one in data hive several times to try and get the achievement past its 29/30 state.

Any suggestions?

I have actually solved my problem finally, my audio logs did disappear on “Data Hive” I still have no explanation as to why this happened. I have found all of logs again. In order to find all of them however you have to do the mission NMPD Station before Kikowani Station in order to have all of the audio logs you need to find active, even though the entire Mombasa Streets map is open for exploration before hand. Ender 0946 I have no idea how to help you but I wish you luck!

Same has happened to me. collected all 30 logs but the achievement for log 29 and Record store owner have not unlocked… Ive since visted the location of log 29 and Im unable to collect it as it no longer ‘glows’ yellow.

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> Same has happened to me. collected all 30 logs but the achievement for log 29 and Record store owner have not unlocked… Ive since visted the location of log 29 and Im unable to collect it as it no longer ‘glows’ yellow.

Does it say “Done…Unlocking?” because Microsoft claims it unlocks within 24 hours which I do not think it is true because I think i still havent unlocked the 22 or 23 audio log achievement and it has been days.

I have not had an issue with the audio logs yet, only collected about half of them, But i also beat the campaign on legendary using the ODST Legendary playlist to get the achievement for that at the same time, and the achievement is only 50% done.

I am having a lot of issues with the ODST achievements!!! Please HELP!