H3 map pack for Reach or H4?

I loved the H3 maps such as Vallhalla, High Ground, SandTrap, Ghost Town, Last Resort( i liked last resort better than zanzibar) etc. and would like to see them again, maybe as a map pack for reach or for a set of maps in H4.

I…want…every…single…Halo 3…map…NAO!

For Reach? No. For Halo 4? Maybe.

I would love for the return of SandTrap and Avalanche for Halo 4.

Sand trap, WITH Elephants or a new vehicle in Halo 4 that is basically a mobile base (Pelican???) in another texture, maybe UNSC, maybe the new enemy? Hmmmmmmm…

Avalanche, We loved it. A remake/reimagining would be nice.

We would also like Valhalla, a map where map control is far more dominant and required than in Blood Gulch.

After all, get top mid, you have view of nearly the entire map. Red team has a large rock for cover while blue team have the cliff face. It was awesome. However, it would be bad to just remake it. Instead, reimagine it, with another top mid thing, some caves, supertall building bases thingies, and this time, more Vehicular places to move too! Just have 1 top mid, then anyplace around it is basically capable of Vehicle superfights.

If you love the Halo 3 maps, guess what, you can play the Halo 3 maps!

If it happens at all then it will be a DLC for H4 because those maps are still online.

I’d rather see one for the rest of the Halo CE maps including Boarding Action, Chiron and the rest of the PC maps and one for the Halo 2 maps (probably for Halo 4). Halo 3 is on 360 AND still playable online. There’s no need to remake them yet.