H3 Lone Wolves ranking system Broken

The ranking system for lone wolves must be fixed as it feels like the only way to rank up is to come first consistently as second and third placing has almost no effect for ranking up now. However in the orginal halo 3 lone wolves this was not the case as players were rewarded for placing in the top 50% (1st, 2nd or 3rd) and would gain towards leveling up much quicker. However in mcc lone wovles placing 2nd or 3rd does nothing, in fact I have ranked down from placing 2nd before, which should not happen!

It’s been broke since it was released and it’s been brought up multiple times to 343 and still hasn’t been fixed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve placed 3rd and ranked down it’s a joke. Not only that but hey rank reset glitch is a huge pain, I’ve ranked up from 13 to 14 three separate times now, every time I’ve ranked up I get off, and when I return my rank is reset to 13…

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Just came back to comment because I just placed 2nd in a match and I ranked down, what a -Yoinking!- joke.
Ok 343 let’s take a look at how broken lone wolves ranking up is. I played a game and ranked up from 13 to 14, next game I got 3rd place ranked down how is that possible, but wait it gets better!!. Next game I got 2nd place ranked back up to 14 played another game and came in 2nd place I’m still at 14, next game I came in 2nd and ranked down to 13, HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE!!