H3+infinite clan recruitment


My name is Too Pale and I am wanting to create an ODST based clan, that will main H3, but move around on the other titles as well, ultimately until infinite drops, then we would transfer over to there.

Why Halo 3?

It’s my favourite really, and with the new content coming with season 6, it’s about time to try.

I’m looking for mature people who can play without being disrespectful (fun is fun, but when it goes too far it stops being fun)

If you’re looking for others to play custom games, forge, do social and competitive matchmaking, coop or you just want to be a part of something, this is the place for you.

This will be a different type of group you are surely used to as, instead of being wired, this clan is actually discordless (a terrible joke right?)

It will be active here on the forums, in the spartan company forum on this site and on xbox live via text and party chat.

If this interests you, reply to this, message me on here or request to join my spartan company

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