H3 (360) - 2 FFA Achievements - Need Players

I need some help in finishing off my last 2 H3 achievements to 100% the game. I need to get a triple w/ sword and an overkill, both of which are in Lone Wolves (FFA). It’s been years since I’ve tried to finish these up and I think right now is a perfect time. I just need a little help.

I currently have 2 people on board. I need at least another 2-3 players to join in. 3 would be preferable as it fills the max of 6 allowed in a match.

Currently, a good time for everyone to play is Thursday afternoon 3/17 at 5pm (EST).

GT: SpiritHawk7

Being that the population is really low, ~200 active players, we should get matched easily without much effort, since we’d probably be the majority of those wanting to play lone wolves at that exact time. Unless that’s the only game type playlist most people can get to actually work and find people. Either way, we’d still have pretty good odds.

Still looking for at least 2 more people.

No change yet. I have 2 open spots.

I can if I have a chance to be there.

Today’s the day! :smiley: Just 2 mores hours to go! Anymore want to join in, help out, and have some fun? :smiley:

One more player is preferable. :wink:

Hello !!

Did you get it?
If not I can try to connect tomorrow (Sunday 20) and I would like to have that achievement!

My gamertag Rob117x